Color coating and Galvanized Lines

This area of the factory is comprised of ten different sections as follow:

  1. Production halls
  2. Machine Shop
  3. Row material store
  4. Parts and miscellaneous stores
  5. Water treatment plant
  6. HNX site
  7. Quality control lab
  8. Product storage
  9. Natural Gas and Ammonium storage tanks
  10. Administration and sale buildings

This plant is built in nine hectares and has over our 36.000 m2 of production halls. The plant is located in the Semnan industrial area of the east of the city. This plant was the first of its kind in Iran which could produce continuous hot dip galvanized steel with thickness of 3 mm with an annual capacity of 500.000 mt. It is also one of very few coating lines in Iran with an annual production capacity of 150.000 mt.

The technical specification of steel coils used as raw material is as follows:

Specification of raw materials

Continuous Galvanizing line

The two Galvanizing lines which have annual capacity of 500.000 MT have been installed and commissioned by our very own local engineers and consist of:

  • Uncoiler
  • Pinch roll
  • Shear machines ( Hydraulic & Mechanical )
  • Welding machines
  • Steering
  • Degreasing
  • Bridle
  • Accumulator
  • Load cell
  • Annealing furnace PHF, D.F.F, RTF, JCF
  • Melt pot
  • Air knife
  • Pendent
  • Quench tank
  • Tension leveler
  • Chromate

And hydraulic power packs and also crane to move the coils within the hall. Furthermore, the welding for 1-5 mm thickness is done by welder and for higher thickness is done by CO2.